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Application development and maintenance

WE17 provides our customers with application system or product design and development services, and can deliver them within the predetermined time and budget, and ensure that they meet or exceed your specific needs. A global R&D team composed of experienced project management teams, technical experts and engineers can customize application systems, solutions or infrastructure for you.

WE17 has rich industry service capabilities in the fields of finance, telecommunications, high-tech, manufacturing, energy, transportation, public utilities, healthcare, Internet/e-commerce, etc. We understand and pay attention to your needs and provide end-to-end solutions We are capable of optimizing your product life cycle and ensuring your success. Our solutions not only focus on improving added value and performance, but are also flexible and easy to upgrade.

WE17 always pays attention to the development of the world's software industry and IT service industry. By providing our customers with cost-efficient and proven excellent solutions, we can meet our customers' business needs and strengthen our advantages in the industry. WE17’s business philosophy and R&D strength have enabled the company to maintain rapid growth since its establishment, thanks to our attention to the following factors:

  • 1、Appoint an experienced project manager to take charge of coordination and operation
  • 2、Strictly follow the 6 sigma standard to execute every step in the development process
  • 3、Introduce the CMMI L3 standard to improve the process
  • 4、Complete communication mechanism until the final delivery of the project
  • 5、Operation and maintenance in the later stage of the project, pursuing high customer satisfaction

Software testing and quality assurance

Based on strict quality and safety standards, WE17 provides companies with accurate end-to-end application software testing services, including quality assurance consulting, unit testing, integration testing, system testing, impact testing, and automated testing services.

Application software testing service details

With the continuous deepening of informatization, more and more industry users rely on their own application systems: supporting business, managing, etc., and as application systems become more and more complex, domestic users have been deeply aware of the quality of application software. importance. It can be seen from the development of the software industry that the quality of software has greatly affected the operation and competitiveness of enterprises. For example, Microsoft has given up its strategy of putting software functions first. This strategy previously created Microsoft's monopoly in the software industry. Now it has been changed to software that must provide users with reliable calculations, thus shifting the core to the more important track of software quality. In Singapore, the quality of application software is the work that users of any industry must put in considerable energy during the development process, and it is undoubtedly a priority to invest. Judging from the current domestic industries, companies are facing complex management models, huge business systems, and new service demands are emerging one after another. However, due to the urgency of business, many aspects of the application system construction process have been omitted or simplified, resulting in application software Unstable and low quality.

Unlike previous testing programs for software companies, WE17’s application testing programs are mainly:

  • ·Solutions for end users and application software construction process can help end users
  • ·From the perspective of users, manage the software construction process and provide transparent and clear process data
  • ·Assist end users to manage developers and other partners
  • ·Participate in the software gatekeeping process from the user's point of view, help end users to supervise and improve software quality
  • ·Using advanced methods to establish users' own business knowledge system to reduce the impact of personnel turnover and other events on users
  • ·Using advanced methods to help users establish automated testing and management environments for application software to improve work automation

The specific services we provide are as follows:

  • ·Application construction process management and consulting services
  • ·Help users sort out: the current problems in the construction of application software or support systems, follow international standards and industry practices, establish a construction process suitable for the user, and help users use the process and the work of each role to use our unique " "Development management platform" is solidified, so that users can integrate management on a management platform, including: demand proposal, demand approval, demand analysis, task tracking, development management, test management, configuration management, online management, etc., a complete construction process.

Demand management services for end users

In the process of application software construction, domestic users are ubiquitous: the need to express their needs is not clear, and they need to communicate repeatedly, thus wasting a lot of time and energy. Based on international standards and industry practices, we have developed a complete set of service methods and tools for demand analysis, expression, and delivery, which can help users manage their own needs and communication in an object-oriented way when new needs emerge endlessly. The relationship is used as the basis and foundation for user application construction.

Automated functional testing service

Automated functional testing service is an important means of application software quality accumulation. In order to ensure that new functions will not affect important old functions, automated testing is an indispensable link. At the same time, automated testing can save a lot of labor costs. We can provide complete services such as the design, development, and execution of automated tests.

Performance testing and monitoring services

We can simulate the access of thousands of people to the application system, find system performance problems before the system is online or use, and provide adjustment suggestions. In addition, as time goes by, with more and more system data and more and more users, the performance problems of the system will definitely happen to users, but we don’t know when, we can provide system performance. The monitoring service monitors the time-consuming of each transaction in the user system at any time, sends an alarm before reaching the boundary value, gives the user time to adjust in time, and provides an analysis basis.

Back-office telecom business system automated testing service

We have many years of service experience in the telecommunications industry. We have automated testing tools with independent property rights. We can provide automated testing services for telecom business billing, accounting systems, first-level BOSS systems, etc., effectively improving test coverage and helping operators increase revenue Guaranteed.

Telecom business testing service

Provide testing services for telecom operators to help operators improve the success rate of major version cutovers and daily version launches.

Acceptance Test

The domestic application construction process generally needs to go through two acceptance processes: initial inspection and final inspection. We can provide users with this kind of service. Generally, we use project contracting methods to operate on the user's site.

Selection test and finalist test

In the early stage of the project, the choice of developers is very important. How to use data to judge a developer and how to choose among multiple experienced developers is a problem you face; in addition, the selection test and finalist test are still It can be tested against different software platforms and hardware platforms, and we will provide you with the corresponding data to illustrate which solution is the best choice for cost performance.

Software product agency service

If users are interested in mature demand management tools, change management tools, configuration management tools, automated testing tools, test management tools, security scanning tools, etc. on the market, we can provide corresponding recommendations and agency sales services.

Software product research

According to the needs of customers, combined with its own capabilities, WE17 can assist customers in accelerating the development of new products or the launch of upgraded products, ensuring quality, and effectively managing development costs by adopting appropriate technologies, thereby helping customers achieve their business goals.

WE17’s technical team strictly follows the industry’s advanced methodology and effectively integrates the resources of both parties to ensure that each project can achieve outstanding deliverables and run through the entire product life cycle. In every link of the process, WE17's rigorous quality control mechanism is implemented to ensure the quality of project delivery. And through regular reports and periodic communication, customers can accurately understand the progress of the project.

WE17's investment in testing methods and testing capabilities can play an important role in the product development process. Through accurate system defect detection, expand the test coverage, and finally identify and reduce the occurrence of system failures.

WE17 has formed a strict and complete process in the long-term software development process:

  • Determine the scope of requirements
  • Proof of concept
  • Build a basic model according to technical requirements
  • Development application architecture
  • Test engineering
  • Strict quality assurance process and other testing methods
  • integrated
  • maintain
  • upgrade

Infrastructure and software services

WE17 provides infrastructure and software services to customers in various industries. Our infrastructure and software services include service-oriented architecture (SOA) services, infrastructure and management services, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) services. With a flexible and scalable remote delivery platform, we provide customers with efficient and cost-effective services, and promote the effective implementation of customer development strategies. Up to now, WE17 has established long-term cooperative relations with many well-known software vendors and agencies at home and abroad, and formed a good cooperation system in the long-term cooperation process. Professional service quality and unique competitive advantages enable WE17 to provide customers with comprehensive and efficient infrastructure and software services. WE17 currently has an excellent technical team that is committed to the research and exploration of "cloud" computing including virtualization, automation, grid computing, WEB services, load balancing and other technologies. And has gradually realized the productization of services, and can gradually provide external services such as the construction and maintenance of cloud computing platforms, cloud platform application Saas customization services, and cloud platform operation and maintenance.

IT operation and maintenance service

Statistics show that most companies or institutions at home and abroad spend 67.5% of IT costs each year on maintaining current IT operations and functions. Therefore, how to perform IT management and application maintenance more efficiently becomes crucial. WE17’s technical support team is based on its deep professional knowledge and experience, outstanding project execution ability, high standard project management ability and excellent work flow control ability, which can effectively assist our customers to reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve system stability.