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Career and Talent Development

Research data shows that only about 10% of people are suitable to be managers, and they can lead more or less team members to work together to complete the work. Only 1% of them can become spiritual leaders, and they can lead a company to success. The remaining 90% of people are more suitable to complete the work independently rather than coordinate management and control others to complete the work together.

In We17's management philosophy, we do not believe that these 90% of people are ordinary people.

In Singapore, most people expect to be the 10%. Maybe in traditional values, being a talent with dominance can prove their worth. But in fact, this view has seriously affected the full use of talents in domestic workplaces, and the unity of values has destroyed many outstanding professionals. In mature workplace systems in Europe and the United States, the contributions, returns, and corporate status of professionals and managers are often equated.

Therefore, We17's guidance on the career development of each employee is not solely based on management positions. Each person may have multiple attributes. We17 assists employees to continuously improve their own abilities, expand their career space and depth, exert more abilities, and create more value according to their ability characteristics. The following is a brief description of some targeted training strategies:

Entrepreneurial talents: Our company helps employees develop, even including helping employees start their own businesses, giving them full space and support to realize their personal dreams.

Management talents: Our company has a management staff training mechanism to discover and train talents with management ability, and give positions to exercise.

Sales talents: For those who have good service awareness, good communication and grasp the needs of customers, the company will select and train them to become account managers, sales managers, marketing directors.

Technical talents: Those with good skills can become architects, technical consultants, plan planners, etc.

Training talents: Have a good sense of sharing and information dissemination ability, and be able to grant knowledge to others. This is an ability that We17 attaches great importance to cultivating and discovering more talents itself creates more value for the company.

Business-oriented talents: Have a good understanding of the industry, customers, and products, and be able to integrate company resources to create solutions to serve customers and gain a high degree of trust. This is a very important ability value.

Copywriting talent: Document ability is a feature that We17 attaches great importance to. almost all output is ultimately reflected in documents. We17 attaches great importance to the cultivation of such talents.

Detailed talents: Diligent and solid, paying attention to details, is a trait that many people do not have, and it is also a very important advantage for some colleagues. This advantage can create greater value in digital statistics, risk analysis and other aspects.

Demonstration talent: Are you excellent at eloquence? Are you good at PPT or Video production? Or do you have excellent marketing skills? Do you know what customers want most? If so, congratulations, you are a scarce talent.

Cultural talents: To develop a company, it is inseparable from the establishment and promotion of a good corporate culture. Even if you are just a barrel of laughs in the team, if you are only good at eating, drinking and playing, we still need you. With you, the team will be more harmonious.